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Our Team

Get to know the Somabar® team, who we are, and what we do.


Chris Hameetman

Chris is captivated by building great teams and world-class companies.  As President & Chairman Emeritus of the Tech Coast Angels organization (the most prolific early-stage investor network in the country) and an early investor in a number of notable unicorns, Chris has learned from an exceptional group of founders, teams, companies and business challenges -- all of which logically led Chris to co-found a robot bartending company! As President of Somabar and an award winner for mixology, Chris is laser-focused on delighting customers and providing enormous value with each and every Somabar robot bartender. And of course, to make the inevitable robotic overthrow of the human race a bit more tolerable with a good drink.  


Dylan Purcell Lowe

Dylan is here to help. A nature fanatic, cocktail enthusiast and terrible office Cornhole player, Dylan has spent his working life in robotics and automation from factory, industrial to hospitality automation. Somabar allows Dylan to combine his love for automation and deep understanding of the hospitality and service industries. As the co-founder and CEO of Somabar, Dylan believes in the power of automation to help restaurants and small businesses thrive and improve the lives of their employees. Nothing makes Dylan happier than delighting restaurant owners with the Somabar experience and Somabar’s robot bartender.


Brandon Storms

Brandon broke his collarbone 3 times when he was young. That experience made him a bit of an indoor kid so he looks after all of the software for Somabar’s robot bartender. Brandon has spent nearly 7 years building mobile apps and software of all shapes and sizes. From 2d retro games, to productivity apps, to push button cocktail apps, if it’s used on a phone or tablet, then he can build it. He enjoys a well crafted cocktail and wants to make sure everyone gets to as well. When he’s not ‘testing’ his Somabar robot bartender for product quality he’s trying to keep his succulents alive or pacing around his living room with a guitar.


Andrei Nechita

Andrei spent his formative years in the frigid wastes of Canada that left him with a crippling aversion to cold. While originally trained to be an astrophysicist, over the years he’s had many real and imaginary jobs including freelance writer, forklift operator, and typesetter. Now, at Somabar, he spends his days writing consistently pristine and bug free code for the iOS application. In his spare time, he enjoys browsing food delivery apps, watching movies, and taking 12-hour naps.


Nelton Wu

A foodie at heart, Nelton enjoys traveling for the latest culinary hit. In his previous position, Nelton oversaw Shanghai’s bi-annual Restaurant Week and all American Express Michelin-starred restaurants partnerships in China. With his previous hospitality industry background, Nelton believes Somabar is changing the world one cocktail at a time. As the operations manager at Somabar, Nelton’s mission is to make sure Somabar’s office and the team are running smoothly. In addition to making all the employees have enough snacks, he also works on major aspects of every operation.


Yanosky Merzius

Winner of the Somabar Office Japanese Menu Contest, Yanosky comes to Somabar from restaurant delivery technology startup, ChowNow which grew from 800 to 9000 restaurant partnerships by the time Yanosky left to work for Somabar. Yanosky practices an eccentric management style that fosters sales people to become true team players able to serve any type of restaurant. When Yanosky isn’t creating dreams for restaurants, you’ll find him snapping breathtaking images of his travels and cultural cuisines for his Instagram audience.



Justin Riley

Justin is a start-up focused engineer who’s on the never-ending quest to learn everything.  A Mechanical Engineer by trade, he has led the engineering efforts behind coffee machines, fitness trackers, blenders, shaving razors, deodorants, and even parachute delivery systems.  Always aiming to make the complex simple, Justin is motivated by the smallest details which elevate products. He can regularly be found automating daily tasks with an Arduino, some 3d printed parts, and a “I’m getting tired of this” look from his amazing and very understanding wife.  With his experience bringing products from one-off concepts through mass production in volumes of between 5,000 parts per year to 250,000 parts per day, Justin is excited to help bring the Somabar robot bartender to customers around the world.


Arman Sani

When not in his business-economics and cognitive science classes at UCLA, Arman is at Somabar tackling any project and task that comes his way, and there is no shortage of those at this fast growing startup. Invigorated by client satisfaction, he regularly visits with clients to help with installations, training, firmware updates, troubleshooting, and to just check-in on all Somabar robot bartenders. In between client visits, he handles various administrative tasks and any orphaned project at the office, from vinyl wrapping Somabar robot bartenders to creating a virtual demo studio. In his spare time, he enjoys shooting hoops, trying new cooking recipes, and seeing new places.



Zac Bishop

Zac has varied experience in small business development, tech, and hospitality. At Somabar, he provides diagnostic support and development through unit testing of all Somabar robot bartenders. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in economics from Loyola Marymount University. Most weekends you can find him at the beach or in the snow, and on occasion at the library catching up on schoolwork.