Somabar with iPad mini

Somabar Pro Bartender & Barista (Home) RENEWED

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Somabar Machine (Renewed)*
  • Six (6) 750ml SomaPods*: a standard wine bottle is 750ml
  • One (1) 150ml SomaPod*: for small ‘dash’ ingredients like bitters
  • One (1) 750ml Cleaning SomaPod*: to simplify your Somabar's cleaning
  • CAFIZA Cleaning Powder: a 6 month supply
  • Hundreds of professional drink recipes available in Somabar's iOS App
  • Custom Drink Creator: Create unlimited custom personalized drinks
  • Custom Menu Creator: Create unlimited custom drink menus 
  • OPTIONAL One (1) iPad Mini (refurbished)**


NOTE that 'renewed' and 'new' Somabar systems contain all the same components and accessories, and are identical other than the renewed condition of the system. 


FAST: Professional cocktails in 10 seconds.

SIMPLE: Needs only +/-2 feet of counter space, takes 3 steps to set up, and 5 minutes to clean.

CONSISTENT: Mathematically precise measurement and mixology for perfect, professional cocktails every time.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Customize any professional drink plus create unlimited custom recipes and menus for any taste or occasion.

CUTTING EDGE: Now Siri & Alexa enabled, Somabar will make your drink simply by asking.

DELICIOUS: Craft the exact drink you want using your own favorite liquors, mixers, and liquids. It doesn’t just taste like a Cadillac Margarita, it is a Cadillac Margarita.

  • Product Details

    19" deep x 12" wide x 16" tall
    Weight 15 lbs (without SomaPods)

    Somabar requires an iOS device running iOS 11 or higher to operate.
    Somabar requires regular cleaning & maintenance: see User Guide

    This unit is NOT labeled as NSF certified. For NSF labeled commercial units, visit our commercial page.


    *Renewed Somabar machines and SomaPods have been professionally inspected and tested to operate normally. The inspection and testing process typically includes a full diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, and a cosmetic cleaning process by Somabar. Renewed Somabar machines and SomaPods may have discolorations and/or cosmetic blemishes and are sold with the same Warranty, Terms & Conditions as a New Somabar machine.


    **iPad Mini (Refurbished Gen 2) is offered at cost ($199)

    Estimated Time to Ship: 2 - 3 Days from Order Clearance
    Estimated Shipping Time: 3 - 5 Days via UPS/Fed Ex

    Very limited inventory, all sales are final.
    Somabar machine sales are returnable for warranty exchange only.

  • Warranty, Terms & Conditions

    By ordering Somabar and completing your check out, you are agreeing to Somabar's Terms of Sale (found here) and acknowledge the terms of Somabar's Warranty (found here).