(Home Use/Sale) Somabar Professional Bartender

FAST: Professional cocktails in 10 seconds.

SIMPLE: Needs only +/-2 feet of counter space, takes 3 steps to set up, and 5 minutes to clean.

CONSISTENT: Mathematically precise measurement and mixology for perfect, professional cocktails every time.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Customize any professional drink plus create unlimited custom recipes and menus for any taste or occasion.

CUTTING EDGE: Now Siri enabled, Somabar will make your drink simply by asking.

DELICIOUS: Craft the exact drink you want using your own favorite liquors, mixers, and liquids. It doesn’t just taste like a Cadillac Margarita, it is a Cadillac Margarita.



“I now have professional cocktail service in my apartment. And Somabar is so fun and simple to use.” 
-Caitlyn, New York

“I did the math. I had a few friends over and we saved about $250 versus our normal bar bill. And Somabar’s drinks were actually better.” 
-Caleb, San Francisco

“I didn’t know the first thing about making cocktails, but by just loading Somabar with a few ingredients that I already had, I was able to pour a variety of cocktails. Amazing!” 
-Patrick, Washington

  • Product Details

    Here’s what you’ll get:

     • Somabar Commercial Beverage Mixing Machine*
     • Six (6) 750ml SomaPods
     • One (1) 150ml SomaPod
     • One (1) 750ml Cleaning SomaPod
     • CAFIZA Cleaning Powder
     • OPTIONAL One (1) iPad Mini**

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    19" deep x 11" wide x 15" tall
    Weight 15 lbs (without SomaPods)

    Special Notice to Buyers:
    Somabar requires an iOS device running iOS 11 or higher to operate.
    The Somabar App is free to download from the Apple App Store.

    Somabar is a commercial-grade beverage mixing machine and requires regular cleaning and other maintenance that can be reviewed in the User Guide here

    *This unit is not labeled as NSF certified and is not for use in commercial environments requiring NSF certification. For NSF labeled units, please order through the commercial page.

    **iPad Mini (Refurbished Gen 2) is offered at cost ($150)

    Estimated Time to Ship: 2 - 3 Days from Order
    Estimated Shipping Time: 3 - 5 Days via UPS

    Limited inventory, all sales are final.
    Somabar machine sales are returnable for warranty exchange only.

    Designed in the USA, Manufactured in China, Final QA & Assemblage in the USA

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  • Warranty, Terms & Conditions

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iPad Mini (Refurb)