(Commercial Use/Sale) Somabar Professional Bartender


Somabar Professional Bartending System [SMB-001COM] 

Total Price: $4,995
Optional: $19.99/month Premium Plan

A $495 DEPOSIT is taken upon your Somabar website order.

The remainder of your payment will be debited via ACH (electronic check) upon completion of your onboarding questionnaire (provided promptly following your website order).  



PROFESSIONAL & CONSISTENT MIXOLOGY: Each cocktail is freshly crafted with your own choice of professional liquors and mixers; made with mathematical precision every time. 


SUPER-HUMAN PERFORMANCE: Cocktails are crafted in less than 10 seconds each. That is ten times faster than a human bartender, maximizing your drink velocity and supercharging your revenue potential.


UNPRECEDENTED MARGINS: Cocktails are prepared with your own ingredients, empowering cocktail service at a cost of less than $1 a drink. And there is virtually no labor cost required.


EXTREME COST EFFICIENCY: Somabar allows for 24 hours a day, 7 day a week professional cocktail creation, yet costs less than a bartender’s salary+tips for 1 month. And this is even without the costs of benefits, management, training, spoilage, and turnover.


COVID-19 PROTECTIONS: Advanced TAM-technology (touchless automated mixology) allows for drink preparation with virtually no human interaction with drink ingredients.




ANALYTICS PACKAGE: Back-end analytics providing details of your cocktail program including your most (and least) popular cocktails, drink velocity, and daily/weekly/monthly volume tables to better your program oversight and revenue enhancement.


CUSTOM MENUS & RECIPES: Onboarding includes the creation of a custom menu for your establishment based upon your existing offerings or your new recipe ideas. Somabar also offers unlimited self-customization tools for all commercial accounts.  


QUARTERLY COCKTAIL PROGRAM REPORT & REVIEW: Following the close of every calendar quarter, an analytics report of your Somabar cocktail program performance is provided, together with insights and recommendations for enhancements to improve operations and revenue. 


MACHINE PROTECTION & REPLACEMENT PROGRAM: If your machine fails (other than due to customer’s fault), a replacement machine will be promptly provided at no additional cost.**

  • Product Details

    Here’s what you’ll get:

    Somabar Professional Bartending Machine 
     • Six (6) 750ml SomaPods
     • One (1) 150ml SomaPod
     • One (1) 750ml Cleaning SomaPod
     • CAFIZA Cleaning Powder (6-month supply)
     • One (1) iPad Mini (refurbished)*
     • Unlimited access to Somabar's digital customer resources
           for cocktail imagery and more for your online & printing needs
     • Unlimited phone and email support
     • Additional training as updates are released
    PLUS under the Premium Plan
     • Back-end analytics on your Somabar cocktail program
     • Cocktail-concierge custom-menu & recipe creation
     • Quarterly reporting on your Somabar cocktail program
     • Machine protection & replacement program**

    “We love the Somabar cocktail system! We used to have servers batch-mixing drinks in the kitchen that were inconsistent and quickly became “skunky”, but now any staff member can pour fresh, perfect cocktails on demand. And our customers appreciate the quick service and always-excellent taste.”
    - Thomas B., New York, NY

    “One bad hire could cost me more in a single month than the full cost of Somabar, so if it did half of what is advertised, it would be a huge win. As it turned out, Somabar exceeded my expectations. I could not be happier.”
    - Vincent T., Seattle, WA

    19" deep x 11" wide x 15" tall
    Weight 15 lbs (without SomaPods)

    Special Notice to Buyers:
    Somabar requires an iOS device running iOS 11 or higher to operate.
    The Somabar App is free to download from the Apple App Store.

    Somabar is a commercial-grade beverage mixing machine and requires regular cleaning and other maintenance that can be reviewed in the User Guide here.

    This commercial unit is labeled as NSF certified for use in commercial environments requiring NSF certification. For units that are not NSF labeled, please order through the home page.

    Sales Tax will be added to all prices, if applicable

    *iPad Mini (Refurbished Gen 2) 

    **Machine protection & replacement program is limited to two (2) replacements in the first 12-months following product order and is subject to the return of the failed machine(s) as well as the performance of all customer maintenance obligations and operational guidelines, including daily system cleaning and avoidance of the use of prohibited liquids in the Somabar machine, such as ingredients with pulp, solids or highly viscous (thick) properties. For full program details, please click here.

    Estimated Time to Ship: 2 - 3 Days from Order
    Estimated Shipping Time: 3 - 5 Days via UPS

    Limited inventory, all sales are final.
    Somabar machine sales are returnable for warranty exchange only.

    Designed in the USA, Manufactured in China, Final QA & Assemblage in the USA

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  • Terms & Conditions

    By ordering Somabar and completing your check out, you are agreeing to Somabar's Terms of Sale (found here) and acknowledge the terms of Somabar's Warranty (found here).

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