(Commercial Use/Lease) Somabar Commercial Beverage Mixing Machine

Somabar Full Service Lease Commercial Terms
$199 billed monthly, 12-month contract &
$399 one-time delivery & training fee per location
$2,787 total year-one lease commitment*

Your first month's payment + delivery & training fee ($598*) shall be paid upon your Somabar order. All future monthly payments must be made via auto-debit. 

*Plus sales tax, if applicable.

  • Product Details

    This unit is labeled as NSF certified for use in commercial environments requiring NSF certification. 

    Commercial Package Includes:
    Somabar Commercial Beverage Mixing Machine
    Six (6) 750ml SomaPods
    One (1) 150ml SomaPod
    One (1) 750ml Cleaning SomaPod
    One (1) iPad Mini (Refurbished)* 
    CAFIZA Cleaning Powder (6 month supply)
    Includes Day 1 Cocktail Service Package:
    Thirty (30) Table Cocktail Menus
    Two (2) Counter-Sign Cocktail Menus
    Two (2) Cocktail Sign Posters
    Unlimited access to Somabar's digital customer resources
    for menus, cocktail imagery, and more for your online & printing needs

    19" deep x 11" wide x 15" tall
    Weight 15 lbs (without SomaPods)


    *Somabar requires an iOS device running iOS 11 or higher to operate 

    Special Notice to Buyers:
    Somabar is a commercial-grade beverage mixing machine, and much the way a professional espresso machine is different from a coffee-pod machine, Somabar requires regular system cleaning and other requirements that can be reviewed in the User Guide here

    Designed in the USA
    Manufactured in China
    Final QA & Assemblage in the USA

  • Terms & Conditions

    By ordering Somabar and completing your check out, you are agreeing to Somabar's Full Service Agreement Terms & Conditions (found here).