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How Technology Can Enhance Your Wedding Day

If you are one of the many couples hoping to get married in the coming months, the comfort and safety of your guests is a top priority right now. While many couples are choosing to postpone their big day, others are looking to pivot their plans towards a smaller event with some safety measures in place. Thankfully, technology can play a really important role in helping you say “I do” safely.

To get you inspired, we recently spoke to Blue Nile, the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement rings, to share our best tips for using technology to enhance your wedding day. From Somabar, the automated bartender to spatial planning tools and technology for live streaming your big day to those who can’t be there, the options are endless.

Do weddings and technology mix?

Weddings are all about love, joy, and bringing together family and friends. But let’s be honest, the words “technology” and “robots” do not immediately come to mind when imagining the most emotional day of your life. But it’s time to think again because Somabar’s robotic bartender has changed everything.

Somabar is a better, faster, and less expensive solution for cocktail service at your wedding.

Precise: Somabar crafts recipe-perfect professional-quality cocktails to mathematical precision.

Fast: Somabar mixes and pours each fresh drink in about 10-seconds.

Simple: Your guests only need to tap on the image of the drink they want and voila!

Economical: Simply fill your SomaPods with your own ingredients, completely controlling your cocktail service quality and cost.

Keep your guests safe

As fun and powerful as Somabar can be for your wedding, one of its most powerful benefits is something you DON’T see. Somabar can help lower viral contamination risk for you and your guests during these scary times.

Compare Somabar’s drink crafting process to cocktails made by hand. Multiple bottles are taken from their locations, placed on a counter, measured and mixed with various tools, poured into cocktail shakers or other containers, manipulated (shaken, mixed, strained) in a number of ways, and ultimately poured into a glass touched many times by the bartender or waitstaff.

Using Somabar, a drink order is either tapped or vocalized (using Somabar’s Touchless Automated Mixology Technology), and it is dispensed into a glass and ready for service within seconds. Not only does Somabar dramatically reduce the number of ‘touches’ during drink preparation, it also significantly limits the zone of movement of the drink preparer. With Somabar, mere seconds are spent by your waitstaff or guests going to and from the machine.

Customize your wedding cocktails

The true magic of Somabar is your ability to fully customize your wedding’s cocktail experience.

Use unique ingredients

Perhaps there is a rum you both discovered while vacationing in the islands. Or a ferocious tequila shared one particularly crazy night. Somabar can craft your cocktail service using the liquors and ingredients that you love and cherish.

Customize your drinks

Create custom and meaningful cocktails. Somabar’s standard offerings include the International Bartender Association menu of classic cocktails, yet you can create your own unique recipes for Somabar to craft for your guests.

Do you have a favorite cocktail that only you know how to make? Or was there a wonderful drink you both enjoyed on your first date? It takes only a few taps to add a new drink recipe to Somabar and share the story and flavors that built the foundation of your relationship.

Delight your guests with special names

Add fun and special names for your cocktails. Selecting a drink is as simple as tapping the drink name and image on Somabar’s control tablet, but there is no law that drink names must be traditional. Name the bride’s favorite drink “Vanessa's Nightly Cosmo”, and for the Groom, “James’ Secret Negroni.” Don’t forget to honor the best man by naming the Tequila Sour “Chris’ Lost Weekend.” Now that’s a conversation starter!

Add unique and fun drink images

Customize Somabar’s drink image tiles to display special memories about each cocktail, or the wedding-party member endorsing that drink. A picture of Vanessa with a Cosmo in hand, James crafting a Negroni at his home bar, or (for those not faint-of-heart) Chris on the floor next to an empty bottle of Tequila. You are limited only by your imagination!

It’s not just for cocktails

Somabar’s professional mixology is not just for your wedding or cocktails. Somabar can be equally useful at rehearsal dinners, wedding showers, bridal party brunches, and (shudder to think) bachelor events.

For all your daytime get-togethers, Somabar crafts juice-forward cocktails like Key West Screwdrivers and Greyhounds, and has recently introduced professional cold-coffee service that can make you a Raspberry Mocha Oat Milk Cold Brew Latte (or any other flavors you desire) that puts even the most snooty barista to shame.

Final thoughts

Planning your wedding during a pandemic will certainly present some challenges, but it doesn’t mean love is canceled. Far from it! With some help from technology and a bit of creativity, you can still celebrate your union in a fun, safe, and memorable way.

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