• Jerry Thomas

Delivery Cocktails, Now Legal In Texas, Can Save Longhorn State Restaurants

As the second state to take bold action in helping save its restaurants in the wake of COVID-19 dine-in eatery shut-downs, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas quickly followed the New York State Liquor Authority’s (SLA) lead by issuing a waiver on Wednesday, March 18th allowing Texas restaurants to sell cocktails for delivery with food purchases. The Texas waiver is a lifeline for all Texas state restaurants as more and more eateries across the country are being required to shut down their dine-in operations and turn only to delivery or take-out to keep their businesses running. Although the Governor’s announcement was short on details, it is logical to assume that, as it is with New York State’s regulations, these establishments will be able to sell, for take-out and delivery, anything their alcohol license would normally permit for sale to dine-in customers. This article will be updated with the pertinent regulatory details as they are released.

This move comes as a huge sigh of relief for many Texas food service businesses, as most now suffer from severe occupancy restrictions to the complete loss of dine-in sales and thus need to find new channels of revenue in order to keep their light on and staff employed. For the businesses that want to stay open to sell food and alcohol, but may be short-staffed or need to lower their operating costs, an automated cocktail solution is worth looking into. Automated bartending company Somabar provides an affordable countertop machine that, with just a tap, allows any staff member to craft fresh, professional cocktails in 10 seconds or less. Somabar’s system provides alcohol-licensed establishments the means to sell fully-customizable drinks without the need for any mixology knowledge, while minimizing physical contact and contamination during drink preparation. Somabar allows each establishment to offer unique, cuisine-complementing drinks to its customers, and is so simple to operate that most restaurants start selling drinks the same day they receive their Somabar machine.


In this time of great uncertainty and challenges, all businesses, and in particular those directly impacted by COVID-19 shut-downs such as dine-in restaurants, must seek new and creative ways to help make ends meet. Thankfully for these eating places and all Texas residents, the Governor Greg Abbott has offered a powerful tool by allowing cocktail delivery with food orders, which, together with innovative solutions such as Somabar, may help keep Texas restaurants and their employees afloat in the unpredictable days and weeks to come. You can read Governor Greg Abbott’s press release here. *cocktail images shown in this article are for illustration only and do not necessarily comply with open container laws

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