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How is Somabar different from home consumer cocktail appliances?


Somabar is a commercial appliance that makes actual professional recipe-perfect cocktails while most home machines simply push water or alcohol through flavored gels or powders to replicate the taste of a cocktail. For example, if you want a Cadillac Margarita, with Somabar you load reposado tequila, Grand Marnier, and fresh lime juice (i.e., the actual ingredients for a Cadillac Margarita at any top-shelf bar), and Somabar will measure and mix the ingredients to mathematical precision for your perfect professional cocktail. Yet with most home machines, you would buy a “Margarita” pod online, insert it into the machine, and make your drink by having cold water or alcohol pushed through the flavor-pod to reconstitute a Margarita-esque drink. Cheers!

Do I use my own ingredients in the Somabar machine? 


Yes! That’s the best part. Somabar does not sell any flavor-pods (yuck!), liquors or ingredients, and you are free to purchase and use any ingredients you already have, find at any store, or buy from your distributor. By using your own ingredients, you can make amazing professional cocktails for less than $1 per drink! It is an eye opening experience. Just remember to never use ingredients with pulp or are very thick, as such will ruin Somabar’s inner-workings.

How much liquid can I put in each SomaPod?


Each Somabar comes with six (6) 750 ml SomaPods [the standard size of a liquor or wine bottle] and one (1) 150 ml smaller 'bitters' SomaPod. Each SomaPod is machine washable and fully reusable and may be filled and refilled with any ingredients you like, and you may change your filled ingredient as frequently as desired. SomaPods may not be filled with highly viscous fluids (such as honey or molasses) and may never be used with ingredients containing pulp or other solids. Any such use will cause your machine to fail.