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an iPad

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These Drinks


Fully automated professional bartending at home.


New Technology That Pours Professional Drinks In Less Than 10 Seconds -- Even If You're Not A Bartender!!

Introducing Somabar... the automated bartending machine that creates amazing professional cocktails using the exact same ingredients used by the International Bar Association (IBA), making it easy for you to always create the perfect cocktail..

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Pour any drink you want in seconds

  • Discover new favorite beverages from our drink library

  • Customize any recipe to make it just the way you like it

  • Consistently pour the same drink every time

  • Not have to measure and mix your drinks

  • Enjoy your favorite drinks on-demand, with Siri and Alexa integration…

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish all those things easily.

You CAN with quick automated pours.


Less work, more enjoyment :)

That's why you're going to love Somabar.

New Automated Bartending Machine Helps Pour Professional Drinks In Less Than 10 Seconds -- Even If You're Not A Bartender!!

Meaning you can Create Customizable Cocktails Without ANY Bartending Skills / Throw A Party Without The Pressure of Hiring A Bartender.


Tired of researching recipes to make your next drink?

Somabar's menu creator can customize any combination of drinks based on your favorite ingredients.

Experiencing inconsistent drinks?

Allow our machine to precisely pour it for you.


Bring the bar home! With Somabar, you'll be able to enjoy beverages like: cocktails, coffees, infused teas, juices and so much more…  your options are endless!

Somabar creates an array of drinks no matter what ingredients you have

No matter the situation, there's a drink for you... Whether it's a coffee, tea, or cocktail, Somabar will pour it!

If you can use a smart device
You can make a drink

Somabar is incredibly easy to use, even if you don't know how to make the drink you want..

Create any drink you want using these 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect your device to Somabar

  2. Choose your desired ingredients 

  3. Make a drink

Not too tech-savvy?


We now offer voice-controlled pours through Siri and Alexa.


With Somabar, You'll Get:

  • 300+ International Bar Association recipes

  • Endless drink customization

  • Create your own drinks

  • Replicate your favorite coffees, teas, and juices with our Coffee-Builder

  • Automated pours in 15 seconds

  • Siri and Alexa integration

  • Create your own custom drink menu with our Menu Creator

  • Easy clean up with our cleaning pod

Take Advantage of our Limited-Time COVID Sale: 15% OFF

Because we want to provide an affordable option for drink enthusiasts in special industries who enjoy fresh beverages at their homes, it's available at a discounted rate for a limited time. Reach out to see if you qualify for one of our exclusive offers.

Buy Somabar today to lock in your special pricing before they’re all gone.



Fill & Refill your SomaPods with your own Alcohol & Mixers. You are in Complete Control of your Drink Cost, Quality, and Ingredients.



Somabar was created to be the perfect automated bartender, yet professional mixology is not limited to cocktails. Somabar will also craft your favorite Cold Coffee Lattes, Tea-juice Infusions, and practically any other cold, mixed beverage you can imagine (just no pulp, please!) 


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Caitlyn, New York

I now have professional cocktail service in my apartment. And Somabar is so fun and simple to use.

Susan, Virginia Beach

I didn’t know the first thing about making cocktails, but I loaded Somabar with a few ingredients that I already had, and I was instantly pouring a variety of delicious drinks. Amazing!

Caleb, San Francisco

I did the math. I had a few friends over and we saved about $250 versus our normal bar bill. And Somabar’s drinks were actually better.

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