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Serve cocktails with
just a beer & wine license

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Somabar empowers restaurants to serve cocktails 
with only a beer & wine license.



Every cocktail is displayed as an image and dispensed by a simple tap from waitstaff.



Somabar crafts professional cocktails
in 10 seconds or less. No mixology knowledge required. 

New Income

Somabar provides a new high-margin revenue channel at a cost of less than one cocktail a day! 


No bartender required.
Somabar is operated by your existing waitstaff with minimal training. 

  • Fully automated

    Somabar knows how to make any cocktail in under 10 seconds. 

  • Smart containers

    Somabar remembers what is in each SomaPod container so you don't have to. 


Infinite Customization.
Whether your guest wants a double or something entirely different, Somabar has you covered.

  • Digital menu

    All cocktails are made using Somabar's fully customizable mixology software.

  • On-the-fly modifications

    Any drink can be modified with minimal effort, and new recipes can be created in seconds. 


We clean so you don't have to.
Somabar's automated cleaning system ensures that every drink is freshly made.

  • Automatic mixing-well wash 

    Somabar washes its mixing chamber with each drink change to minimize cross-contamination. 

  • Full system cleaning

    Single-button end-of-day full system cleaning to NSF certified standards.

Immediate Results for Restaurants


average increase in monthly beverage revenue due to cocktails orders


average increase in guest check size due to cocktail orders


average increase in monthly guest count due to cocktail orders

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“ Somabar is a champion for small businesses. They have added a completely new revenue stream for us without adding additional work for my staff. ”

Ana M., Continental Kitchen, Los Angeles, CA

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