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What Cocktails
Are Meant To Be

Winner: Best New Product at the
Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

Winner: Innovation Award at the 
Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Meet Somabar

Your fully automated, professional countertop bartender that makes your favorite drinks on command. Add your own ingredients, select your beverage, and Somabar will do the rest. Adjust drink size, strength, and recipes to your personal taste. Add an unlimited number of your own recipes from cocktails to cold coffee lattes to tea-juice infusions to party drinks for the whole family (kids' drinks too!) The future is now. And it's magnificent.

Caitlyn, New York

I now have professional cocktail and cold coffee service in my apartment. And Somabar is so fun and simple to use.

Susan, Virginia Beach

I didn’t know the first thing about making cocktails, but I loaded Somabar with a few ingredients that I had and was instantly pouring a variety of delicious drinks. Amazing!

Caleb, San Francisco

I did the math. Each Somabar cocktail only costs me $1. I used to pay at least $12 at the bar for the same drink. And I am saving a fortune on Uber as well.

Your Own Ingredients
Your Own Ingredients

Fill & refill Somabar with your own alcohol & fresh mixers.

Auto Ingredient Identification
Auto Ingredient Identification

Somabar remembers your ingredients & tracks volumes so you never run dry.

Auto Drink Identification
Auto Drink Identification

Load ingredients & Somabar will automatically display the cocktails you can make.

Pro Coffee Builder Interface
Pro Coffee Builder Interface

Craft cold coffee lattes, tea-infusions & other cold mixed drinks.

Voice-activated Mixology
Voice-activated Mixology

Ask Alexa & Siri to "Make me a Mai Tai." No hands required.

AI Menu Builder
AI Menu Builder

Somabar will help you create your perfect cocktail service.



Every cocktail is shown as an image on the Somabar App. Even those drink recipes you create on your own. So pouring a cocktail is as simple as tapping a picture on your screen.



Somabar was created to be the perfect automated bartender, yet professional mixology is not limited to cocktails. Somabar will also craft your favorite Cold Coffee Lattes, Tea-juice Infusions, and practically any other cold, mixed beverage you can imagine (just no pulp, please!) 



At 19" deep x 12" wide x 16" tall and weighing about 15 lbs (without SomaPods), Somabar only requires +/- 2 square feet of counter space and a standard wall outlet to operate. Somabar is fully self-contained and no external plumbing is required.

Each of your six (6) supplied 750 ml SomaPods can be filled and refilled with any ingredients you like.  Just no pulp, please!

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